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Employee Phone Directory Deluxe

Database management software that helps you to manage employee directories
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18 April 2010

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Every organization contains some number of employees as their workforce managing the working and performance of the business effectively and efficient running of all functions instrumental in production and operations. Different skill sets are combined to manage the performance of the organization and keep it sustained in the market amidst volatile competition and market forces. Managing employees is not an easy task for any organization due to the number being as high as hundreds or even thousands in large multinationals; and hence they adopt some methodologies to organize all their details and their database through some applications. Employee Phone Directory Deluxe 3.3 is one such application that facilitates organizing data and employee lists effectively for all purposes.

Employee Phone Directory Deluxe opens with a neatly arranged interface with the major options placed at the top panel. The grey hued background makes it professional and appealing to the eye and facilitates simple data filling in. The simple to navigate database software enables user to organize and manage the employee directories and maintaining all the useful information about them. These directories can be printed and altered as required and can be searched extensively for locating any worker from any department. Further, it also assists in sending multiple e-mails to the employees for selective records and also generates HTML reports. The database can be shared on the internet or the intranet and the power wizards in-built in the system make it simple and easy to set up and use the e-mail lists. The application is a must for any small or large business unit wanting to manage their employee records efficiently yet simply.

The overall performance of Employee Phone Directory Deluxe 3.3 certainly makes it high on utility and practicality and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and superior management tools.

Publisher's description

Employee Phone Directory Deluxe for Windows: easy-to-use database management software that helps you to organize and manage your employee phone directories. Includes 3 employee databases to choose from. Fast and easy employee data entry. Print employee directories, employee phone lists, employee email lists. Search employee database by any field, sort records by any database field, send emails to all or selected records, generate html reports. Free web database browser included (share your databases over the web, intranet). For the power user, Organizer affords the simplicity of wizards that make it easy to set up and use email list management solutions that you create. You can modify databases included in the system.
Employee Phone Directory Deluxe
Employee Phone Directory Deluxe
Version 3.3
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